Cowichan Community Kitchens

“A community Kitchen is a safe, empowering environment where diverse groups of people can come together to learn and share skills of budgeting, planning, shopping, and cooking healthy meals to take home to their families.”


We facilitate Kitchen Groups throughout the Cowichan Valley for low income and people with disabilities, seniors and youth and children.

Participants from each group get together twice a month to plan, budget, shop and cook nutritious meals to take home to their families.

Most of our Groups have 7-10 people in them. Groups are set up based on the Participants geographic area, common needs/interests and their individual fit and comfort level.

The first planning meeting is 2 hrs long and participants decide as a group what meals they will prepare, create a budget for it, and share out shopping duties. They meet again the following week for about 5 hours to cook 4 or 5 different meals for their families. Each person leaves with containers of prepared meals that can be frozen and eaten throughout the week. The food subsidy is based on the participants need.

Participants pay between 50 cents to $2.50 per meal.

We actively collaborate with and are supported by Local and Provincial Governments, Health Authority, Social Service Organizations, Service Groups, individuals and the agricultural community.

Outcomes of Community Kitchens

  • Individual and Community wide food security
  • Affordable access to healthy food
  • Healthier food and lifestyle choices
  • Participants pass what they learn on to others and to their children
  • Budgeting and shopping skills that can be used in all aspects of life
  • Groups form a strong bond of friendship
  • Increased physical activity
  • New or improved job skills, some becoming paid Kitchen Facilitators
  • Social events and a ,more active social lifestyle
  • Peer learning, advocacy and support

Give a Family food, you feed them for a day, Teach them how to cook, you feed them for generations.

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