Family Connections Program

The Family Connections programis new to Hiiye’yu Lelum Society It provides services and programs to Aboriginal Families The target area is the Cowichan Valley.
Family Connections Program works with families who require support and assistance while involved with a Family Service Agency (Ministry of Child and Family Development, and Aboriginal Family Services). When a client is welcomed into the program, a worker can support clients during meetings with Social Workers, Family Planning Meetings, Mediation, and at Family Court. We offer one to one support to assist clients in meeting goals set out by MCFD as well as personal goals.

This may include areas such as:
- Mental Health Skills
- Addictions
- Communication Skills
- Family Life Skills
- Traditional and Cultural information regarding Positive Family Life, use of Community Resources and Referrals, Decision Making and Conflict Resolution Skills.

The Program will be doing Anger Management One on One Through referrals from other community agencies.

It will start in the New Year January, 2015

“You must understand . . . I am ordinary. Painfully ordinary. This is not modesty. This is fact. Maybe you’re ordinary, too. If so, I honor your ordinariness, your humanness, your spirituality. I hope you will honor mine. That ordinariness is our bond, you and I. We are ordinary. We are human. The Creator made us this way. Imperfect. Inadequate. Ordinary. . . We are not supposed to be perfect. We’re supposed to be useful.”

- leonard peltier