Cultural Development

Culture continues to evolve at Hiiye‘yu Tul’ Youth Centre at many levels.  Hiiye’yu Lelum’s staffs are either traditional in their lifestyle and delivery or educated well in traditions.

The youth, in all age groups are asking for teachings in the Sweat Lodge, regalia making, native jewelry, talking sticks/canes, storytelling, ceremonies, singing traditional songs and traditional dance.  They also have requested education around cultural health, traditional cooking, and language. Older youth between the ages of 24-29 that frequent the centre, assist and guide the teachings as well we have an Elder that interacts and engages with the youth.  Another example that we are evolving in our youth centre is that the youth are now asking for more opportunities to meet Elders and to talk to them at the centre.  The youth council has never been any stronger and we have some great leaders that are not only growing as individuals but as a whole. Youth want to bring groups together of all ages to learn and grow and work together. The work plan will incorporate these wishes into CCAY’s plan of action.

Hiiye’yu Tul’ Youth Centre recognizes the importance of having an open door policy to all races regardless of their culture, status or gender. This same philosophy is evident in our Board of Director’s and the membership of our society. The strength in our First Nation’s culture is to learn and share from other cultures and to respect each other as our own. In our world today there are many social variables that define our personal history and determine our lives. Such variables include gender, race, culture, and class which not only determine our personal past but also our future. Youth recognize the importance of understanding these social variables within their own culture and are inclusive to learning from all youth.